Zenin Team

Hal - [Business development] Hal is the business development don! His directive is to ensure that Zenin can grow and succeed in the business operations side of things. Hal has an impressive track-record in the Web3 space, being a crucial and fundamental pillar for the projects he is apart of. Currently, Zenin is the third project that Hal will be leading with XLabs (Xin Dragons) and Mob Studios (Infected Mob) being his first two. His work over at XLabs has provided holders the morale and vision of the ecosystem that is being created from the ground-up! His IRL work features Leadership in the Education space, a strong background in Economics as well as being an expert communicator and negotiator. If you wanted something executed flawlessly, Hal is the man to get it done! His creative vision has been around since the inception of running NFT projects, but the most important aspect of all this is that he has pushed to provide as many avenues as possible to give value to holders within these projects. Striving to make the SOLANA ecosystem better is his first and foremost priority. P.S his favourite word is "Smash It".
The Gentlemonke - [Lead Developer] LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-fitter-64701127 Joe is a software developer with 10 years of experience in the field. He is proficient in almost every aspect of developing and building code from the ground-up! Joe lives in Chamonix deep in the French Alps after a move from London. He is now full-time in web3 world after leaving his most recent IRL job at the UK Space Agency and past jobs working for UK government sector! In his time in the Solana ecosystem, he has managed to bring out the cleanest systems to cater for other projects through his ownership and development of XLabs (AKA: Xin Dragons). He has been a positive influence on the space by focusing on delivering a clean experience to holders without compromising security or quality in the tools he builds. Gentlemonke is an amazing builder and everyone who has witnessed his art is always thankful for the experience that is deployed. His talent continues to amaze everyone so it is only natural for people to be so bullish on seeing what he makes next! TL;DR He’s not your regular Joe!
NFTuzy - [Strategic Lead] NFTuzy specialises in strategy, operations and driving commercial value. You may have seen that he is a Web 3 degen often found active on Twitter with a passion to improve and add value to the NFT ecosystem and its stakeholders. An entrepreneur, MBA, and economist at heart, his Web 2 and IRL experience includes him previously being a FinTech cofounder of an ethical crowdfunding platform, strategy advisor for multiple companies (assisted start-ups in securing funding from VCs, streamlining operations, commercialising products and driving revenue channels), Global Financial Services Advisor for a $5bn annual revenue organisation, as well as a board advisor for a NFT marketplace start-up. His wider experience includes M&A and business consulting for several companies across Europe and America, as well as being a serial entrepreneur with projects in sectors from hospitality/restaurants, education, healthcare/PPE/medical centres, e-commerce brand set up etc. He has been active in Solana NFTs since November 2021, and in the Crypto-space since 2016; since which he has set up a global blockchain working group (international network includes Founder and CEO of Thailand’s largest crypto exchange, FS partners in different countries (Americas, Europe, Asia) with clients including Circle (creators of USDC), and blockchain experts). He is now full-time in Web3 and has built an advisory firm to onboard businesses and projects into the NFT space.
raphows - [Full-stack developer] Raphows is a Brazilian full-stack developer with almost 15 years of experience and has found a fascination for the world of Web3 and Solana development. He is the co-founder of The Frameboy Journey mental-health focused NFT collection and has lead all of its in-house development since the end of 2021. Raphows work is admirable and The Frameboy Journey holders appreciate that. It is a feat to create clean and functional products in Sol, and his expertise shines when you use his products. Raphows is a life-long comic book reader, proud gay man and parent of the cutest stray dog. He will be jumping on board to assist in development alongside The Gentlemonke, so we want to give him a warm welcome to the Zenin family!
GWAOOM/ Dex - [Art Director & Graphic Designer] Dex is a Freelance Graphic Designer situated in Washington DC with 5 years of experience under his belt. He goes by the name GWAOOM in the web3 world and has been making killer art for the space. In his time in the Solana ecosystem, he has created a few projects such as the 777 Collective, Bad Flowers Society and most recently Zenin! He has recently rebranded his Bad Flowers Society Discord into Yellow Flash Productions as he wants to create something for his artistic hub. Dex’s talent can be seen across the board amongst these projects, and he has a portfolio that leaves a mark behind for art enthusiasts! He has been improving and adapting on his inherent talents that have been showcased in his past work, so an important thing to note about artists is that they want to create more when the time is right. Dex has told us that he would love to create a story in the form of a manga. Bad Flowers Society holders got to see a few comic reels, the foundations are there, he just needs to push the button! It will be exciting to know that his next ambition is to create a story in the form of a manga which he has been building up the experience and talent to execute soon. Also, he is a huge nerd, so feel free to geek out with him over some Manga!
ALΞX - [UI/UX Developer] ALΞX has been a wonderful force to witness within the ecosystem that is being created here! His skillset features UI/UX design, identity design and web development with exceptional service to ensure partners are satisfied with the created product. Apart from his work on the internet, his hobbies consist of photography which span to aerial, point-and-shoot and geographical mapping. It doesn’t end there, he has the knowledge to service FPV drones and the ability to 3D print too. ALΞX is a jack-of-all-trades, and having an individual that can adapt to the highly dynamic workspace is a honour to have on board. His unmatched design work on websites and tools that are offered are a beautiful addition for us here at Zenin. Having in-house talent for Zenin is a godsend because there is no need to outsource any work for the front-end web3 integrations and UI. Everyone can expect to see some amazing work delivered from the man himself in the near future!
Akarune - [Discord Don] Akarune is another amazing and talented individual in this space! He is also a jack-of-all trades with his IRL work being involved in providing Education in Marketing, Operations Analyst, IT Specialist, and a Workforce Analyst. He has a large skillset that he can draw from to help out our multi-faceted team members. He is called the Discord Don for a reason, and this is because of his stellar work that he has provided in ensuring our Discord channels are robust from a security side but also with utility and functionality in mind. He has been an integral member behind the scenes as well by delivering the team with resources as well as workflow solutions to assist in making our communications and timelines correspond to meet deadlines. His awareness in workforce and operations analysis gives the team a great baseline on how we can be more efficient in our day-to-day work. Akarune has taken up a Book Club within the Xin Dragons server for holders to tune in and engage and also runs Raffles for holders to participate. This sort of engagement and value that Akarune provides make him a true Discord Don with end to end service. If it is making the Discord server sturdy and clean, he has it covered. If the community is fiending for something new, then he will find ways to keep holders engaged. Zenin is a safer place with Akarune inside!
Jadoo - [Community Manager] Jadoo has been around since the early days at Xin Dragons and has played an important role in handling the whitelisting opportunities as an Ambassador. His work experience in the outside world is quite an interesting as he has achieved a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with work being done in hospitals and special education settings. He has worked for 3 years doing case studies for marketing agencies and also worked as a Human Resources Officer for a software company in the past. All of these skills are transferrable within the web3 space to handle and understand individuals that approach him. He has done a marketing run for other NFT projects to help to steer them in the correct direction so he knows how to get people thinking and involved. He had joined crypto around mid 2021 and then decided to go full time into web3 since February 2021! His role as community manager here will be refreshing from his usual roles he has taken on, so we are happy to see that he will be taking the time and effort to hit it out of the park for Zenin! If you have anything that needed resolving or answered, Jadoo will be at the head of handling your requests.
- [Partner Relations] Groovy is your average Solana degenerate living in Australia that jumped head-first into the NFT space in August, 2021. He has acquired a Bachelors degree in Psychology and has worked in the social work field helping vulnerable adolescents to navigate life in their unfortunate circumstances. During his time in web3 space, he has been able to analyse and look into collections to assess if there is potential and confidence for people to buy in. After getting rugged to 0 SOL multiple times, he has achieved the ability to objectively lay out a project's strengths and weaknesses. Working as a Partner Relations and Business Advisor in Xin Dragons and Infected Mob (Mob Studios) - and now Zenin, he has been occupied behind the scenes to help secure deals and assist in the efficiency of moving these partnerships along. If anyone wanted to chat or get clarification on something, don't hesitate to ask him as he is always willing to help!
KendL - [Resident Artist] Zenin has some beautiful art that has been produced for the NFTs, however the world building and scenery artwork were produced by the mind of KendL. The passion for creating art has been burning within KendL since childhood and the move to web3 is a new world that he is venturing into. He will be sticking around in Zenin to help and expand the Zenin universe as shown in Art. Zenin holders will be glad to know that they will have a beautiful world to look forward to explore and learn about. Firm handshakes to KendL for blessing the project with his talents!
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