The Zenin have undergone a lifetime of trials and tribulations to attain the state they are in now. Most have fought the urge to paperhand, and from these 10 have mastered the art of loyalty and opened their minds to reach their Transcended form.
10 Lucky Zenin minters that held their Zenin NFTs, were selected on 26/08/2022. They will receive an updated artwork and metadata after they use the Transcendooor. These loyal 10 NFTs form 'The Transcended'. A total of 10% of the artist royalties will be equally distributed amongst the 10 holders of these Transcended Zenin for life! If a Transcended Zenin is sold or transferred, the new wallet will receive the royalties going forward.

If you were chosen, CLICK HERE to Transcend your Zenin NFT!

Life energy helps them evolve into a force that is balanced in beautiful harmony.