Mint Disclosure

Adolescent Zenins Relaxing in the City - Artist: KendL | Source: Twitter
Zenin started off from a team lead by ElonmusksSohn#0001, he did an amazing job building up the community leading up to mint day. Zenin has a strong following with people interested in the art and the roadmap that has been teased into the future. On the 8th of July, Zenin began it's mint through Xin Dragons Launchpad. The mint was progressing well until there was an intentional DDOS attack on the Xin Dragons Mintooor. This caused the system to become unstable and as a result crashed the minting site. A lot of dissatisfied individuals were extremely vocal on this issue and began blaming the Xin Dragons Launchpad without a full understanding on what had caused this issue to begin with. The system ran as intended through allowing minters to buy an Semi-Fungible Token (SFT) which could then be used on a separate link to claim the Zenin NFT.
After the mint had run through its hype, the original founder made the difficult decision to step down and allow the project to be bought out by Xin Dragon's developmental wing - XLabs in order to ensure the tools built will be of the highest quality and as deserved by the loyal Zenin community. This decision to allow the project to transfer leadership was mutual and made after a rigorous assessment by XLabs. XLabs will be integrating their team with Zenin's to allow the project to reach greater and more innovative heights. Team members before the leadership transfer have been paid accordingly through supervision from ElonmusksSohn#0001. The Mint concluded on the 22nd of August, 2022 after 40 days of letting the mint run its course. The team was determined to sell all 4,050 NFTs without cutting the supply and achieved this without any panic or doubt. There will be a chance for a benefit for 10 lucky minters if they hold their Zenin NFT as mentioned in Transcendence. The immediate attention and focus of everyone at Zenin is on building value for holders and the NFT community as a whole. Join the ZenLife⚡!

Mint details:

Zenin NFT Supply: 4,050 Mint price: 1.88 Solana
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