Zenin's connection with XLabs has allowed the project to deliver Staking and Raffles to holders within a week of mint commencement. Zenin holders are able to take advantage of XLabs non-custodial staking (The Stakooor) to earn $ZEN. These $ZEN tokens will have added utility as more information is released to the public, but as of now, these can be used to buy Raffle tickets using the XLabs Rafflooor.

To stake your Zenin NFTs, please visit https://zenin.stakooor.app/ Note: Daily emissions are currently 5 $ZEN per NFT staked.

Holders have had the opportunity to participate in a week-long event to celebrate mint and to show appreciation to the community. The raffle house will provide holders a way to use their $ZEN in the early stages of the project. There will be more NFTs offered to be raffled throughout the project's timeline. There will also be the option for holders to raffle for WL spots for other NFT projects.

To enter Raffles for NFT prizes, please visit https://zenin.rafflooor.app/ Note: Winners must claim their prizes once the Raffle is over. A raffle ends when the timer ticks to 0 or if raffle tickets sell out completely. If a winner has not claimed their NFT prize within 7 days of the raffle ending, they will be notified to ensure that they claim their prize.

The utility does not end here. There is a Super Suite of Tools that is currently in development. Navigate over to that page to see previews of the current tool. Much like how a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly, the Zenin will be incubating to come out on the other side with an exquisite transformation. Building will be a constant occurring process with the three in-house devs at Zenin. There have also been a few teases on a potential profit-share aspect as well, however this will all be explained when the fundamentals are locked in.

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