First Public Release for BOLT

To begin, please register your account at https://bolt.zenin.app/. You must first connect your Discord account to the application. The only permission this step will require are basic details to help BOLT sync more efficiently with your profile.


  • "Access your username, avatar and banner": Fills in your Discord profile details within the BOLT profile management section.

  • "Know what servers you are in": Collects information of your mutual servers so that it can show other projects that are available on BOLT.

  • "Read your member info for servers you belong to": Nicknames, avatars, roles will be used in different aspects. Roles will be for managing permissions of who can use the bot.

Phase 1 of BOLT consists of our Dashboard and Discord bot, and allows projects to communicate and collaborate with one another without having to leave their discord server and track multiple servers. Around October, the Whitelist and giveaway management feature will also go live on BOLT, and then projects and their communities (holders/minters etc.) will be able to allocate and receive their WL and giveaways automatically without worrying about repeatedly having to submit their wallet or forgetting. As individuals (NFT holders / minters), you can already sign into BOLT using your discord login, and can add your wallet to your account (you'll just need to sign a transaction from your wallet to verify that it's actually yours!). Once you've linked your wallet to your account, you don't need to worry about submitting wallets to projects for WL/Giveaways that are using BOLT for their distribution - sit back, relax and enjoy your Zenlife!

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