WTF is Zenin?!

Zenin has a lot in store for our holders. As mentioned earlier, Zenin reflects a way of life, and to complement this we will have some eye-catching apparel to stand out as a lifestyle brand! Additionally, the wicked art that is being created will enable the world that the Zenin live in to be fuller. The utility will open new doors for holders to witness the power that Zenin will display. There is a lot to be introduced and this will become clearer in time, but for now Zenin offers the following:
Amazing Art
Non-custodial NFT staking for $ZEN tokens
Raffles for NFTs and Whitelist spots using $ZEN tokens
: Our Discord bot & web interface for the NFT ecosystem (more tools in the pipeline are being built!)
10% Royalty-share for 'The Transcended' NFTs
Proven Builders (IRL & Web3)
Lifestyle brand and merchandise
Rewards for Loyal Holders
... more details to follow!
This is the Zenmap - an outer perspective into the divine peace and great calamity that coexist in harmony
Last modified 1yr ago