An explanation on setting up whitelists and distributing them.

Whitelist Setup

Go to your project's Community Creator Dashboard and press on the "Add a new NFT collection" button so you can manage your collections.

Whitelist Distribution Guide

Before handling whitelists, please encourage all staff using the Whitelist function as well as external Collaboration Managers from other projects to enable Developer Mode. This will be needed to unlock the ability to Copy Server ID Codes and Server Role ID for the /give-whitelist-to-server function.

  • Press the USER SETTINGS icon.

  • Select the Advanced setting under APP SETTINGS and then toggle the Developer Mode option to ON.

  • Right-click the icon of the server that you will be allocating Whitelist spots to and then select Copy ID. This will be relevant for the /give-whitelist-to-server function (Please check the next tab).

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