Zenin is a way of life... a way for us all to embody aspects of humanity to reach your higher self. Are you ready to embrace yourself through this journey to transcend and reach enlightenment?

The long-term vision here at Zenin (part of XLabs) is to create a calm and safe space for everyone! Super Suite of Tools is a vast range of tools being built by Zenin that every holder and other NFT projects can take advantage of within Discord and our web dashboard. The concept of living a 'ZenLife' transcends beyond just an NFT project and the aim to be a lifestyle brand ties in the masterful artwork seen throughout this document. Having a clear direction and understanding of the Solana web3 space from the team's perspective is essential for growth and strength. This collection will not only shine from a utility standpoint but it will also be a gateway into witnessing the beauty behind the madness. Zenin will make their mark in the metaverse as the only way is UP from here! Anyone who holds a Zenin NFT will have access to immaculate and trust-worthy software, so the team is determined to ensure value is given back to holders and supporters! The gears are turning and the journey is only just beginning, but the Zenin team is committed to adapt and build even under the toughest market conditions. XLabs have proven this with their other collection, so as the foundations are stronger with experience and connections in the space, Zenin holders will experience a story of growth and determination. One thing for certain is that when the Zenin mature, everyone will reap the benefits of a ZenLife!🙏

Mint details:

Zenin NFT Supply: 4,050 Mint Price: 1.88 Solana

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