XLabs is the overarching entity that handles the web3 tech and development with Xin Dragons and Zenin.
Xin Dragons x Zenin 1/1 - Artist: GWAOOM
​XLabs was founded by the team at Xin Dragons. The developer Gentlemonke [Refer to Zenin Team] has been building since February when their Gen 2 collection minted. The tools that have been created are for projects that have minted their collection and want to provide holders with utility. The individual tools are all named with "ooor" at the end for a very recognizable branding in the NFT ecosystem, so if anyone in the Solana space has seen this they know it was made by XLabs. Currently, the Solana NFT services available under the XLabs suite include the following:
  • Mintooor: Minting a collection onto the blockchain with Solana or using SPL Tokens.
  • Claimooor: Distribute tokens to holders - think of it like a more efficient airdrop system to delisted holders. Frequencies can be set as desired such as daily or weekly.
  • Distributooor: Distribute payments to holders based on snapshots over a defined period of time. It is a way for project owners to process lump-sum payments with advanced tracking features to their holders.
  • Stakooor: Staking with Advanced and Standard Options. Complexities can include time-based + Number of NFTs held (TBA), Attribute-boost, rarity-boost, and paired staking. Tokens can be claimed as often as the holder desires.
  • Mutatooor: Visually evolve NFTs with 1:1 attribute revamp by using SPL tokens. They can also update the NFT image or even add attributes.
  • Rafflooor: A Raffle system that can be configured for NFTs or WL prizes.
  • Auctionooor: An Auction system that can be configured for NFTs or WL prizes.
  • Missionooor: Send NFTs on time-based missions for prizes based on requirements of the project.
  • Trainooor: A mechanism to level up an NFT which can be timed or instant depending on the requirements. Metadata changes can be made on request.
  • Vendooor: A marketplace to spend SPL Tokens to purchase certain items or utilities. These can be in the form of SFTs, NFTs or WL. Complexities come into effect if a tokens are required for items that have not been not minted yet. Note: Everything offered through XLabs can also be "White-Labelled" which is essentially a visual change on the experience to remove XLabs branding for their own.
Applications must be sent through a form and everything will be quoted after the needs and requirements of the tools have been confirmed.