Super Suite of Tools

More to come... This is only the conception of the tool!
The Zenin have been meditating in their chambers to unlock their full protentional. The Zenin team has been building in the shadows, and a 'BOLT
' has struck and begun to show its power. Currently, there are two major tools to begin with as part of Phase 1 which includes a project communication & collaboration tool as well as general user commands in a discord bot. More functionality will be released as part of the ongoing product development and pipeline... You never know when the next 'BOLT
' will strike next!
Access BOLT
The BOLT⚡ dashboard is the web application where projects and individual holders can access their accounts. This will continue to be built out and an unrivalled user experience underpins the development!
web dashboard which will continue to develop to include new offerings
Zenin holders can hold onto their NFTs with confidence knowing that this tool is constantly growing and improving. These will provide ease of access to users from both an individual and a project standpoint. For now, information about the product development and pipeline will stay limited until more is announced in the Zenin Discord Zennouncement Channel.
The BOLT⚡section of this whitepaper will be edited once a new build of BOLT
is released. The potential will be unlocked when the tool itself is available for Zenin holders and partners to use!