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All commands related to Whitelist distribution!

Administrator Commands

Features: • Enables the distribution of whitelist spots to projects that are not signed up within the BOLT ecosystem. Options: amount: input the amount of whitelist spots you want to distribute to the other server whitelist: select which whitelist is being distributed role: select which role will be allocated to the other project's holders when they win the whitelist spot (e.g. Early Supporter or Standard whitelist). project_server_id: input the Server ID Code (please check Enable Developer Mode) project_name: input the name of the project that will be receiving whitelist spots. Displayed information includes: - Information entered above put into a message to confirm the details of the whitelist distribution - A link to provide the other project's collaboration manager - Information about other whitelist tiers if they were distributed to the same server

Check /give-whitelist-to-server for additional information. Please send the Gitbook tutorial /give-whitelist-to-server [Step 3] to the external Collaboration Manager if they have issues setting their Holder Roles for BOLT whitelist allocation.


If you're a collaboration manager you will want to set these commands listed above to have the permissions appear in the following format. Collaboration managers or high-level Discord members should be the only users that have access to initate these commands. The permissions should also be set-up to be used in server channels where your project finds to be appropriate to use these commands.

  1. Select Server Settings.

  2. Navigate to Integrations under APPS (subsection).

  3. Select BOLT from the list of Bots and Apps in the project's Discord server.

  4. Add relevant ROLES AND MEMBERS that will be handling the Administrator Commands above.

  5. Add relevant CHANNELS that these commands can be used in.

  6. Congratulations! You can use these Administrator Commands in the appropriate channels.

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